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Things that I try to keep in mind with regards to disagreements over the likability of various characters: 

  • Generally, a well-rounded character is a very human character. They have many facets and are generally not 100% evil or 100% good.  This applies even to stories that are structured around a strict good/evil hero/villain binary. 
  • As such, just like with real people, not everyone will love them, and not everyone will hate them.  
  • Sometimes people like a character as a fictional construct, but hate the character as a person. 
  • Sometimes people hate how a character is constructed, but love the character as a person. 
  • Every reader comes to every story with a different personal context, and will evaluate each character and each story differently.  One person might find a character’s actions hardly worth thinking about, and another might find those actions entirely reprehensible.  A third person might find the same action or behavior mildly uncomfortable.  None of these reactions is wrong (in general, exceptions exist), and no one is too sensitive or not sensitive enough just because they react to characters differently. 
  • There is a difference between how a reader reacts to a character, and how a reader reacts to another reader’s reactions to a character.  How readers treat each other is always more important than how we feel about fictional characters. 

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