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Anyone remember Sandwich Killua Operation?

See how happy Hisoka is. Thanks to Gon’s nice idea. 

 the answer is.. enough to kill you 

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LOVELY~~~~~FAIRY ~~~ HISOKA-chan~~~♡

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H×H ログ

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who would have this photo; umibozu, kagura or kamui? [texture]

(i wanted to make kagura and kamui’s mother look like both of them and she ended up kind of reminding me of tae and then i cried thinking about kagura and tae)

just a reminder

#kamui was canonically unplanned

the fact that I’ve never seen Gin-chan/Mitsuba art/AU headcanons makes me Very Sad

kagura and soyo…….

Kagura and Mutsu… the yato girls kicking ass together I’m gonna cry

Kagura and Sacchan also Kagura and Nobume

Kagura and Soyo

I just really like the idea of lesbian Kagura smh

sometimes I really want Kagura to grow into a lesbian

O_O story of my lyf3 too sorta

some of them even have kids like wtf we’re the same age we’ve been reading our essays in row not long ago what do u mean u have kids…